A Director’s Guide to Practical Corporate Governance

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Many directors and senior managers are not fully aware of the potential personal legal liability relating to good governance that they may carry as directors and /or “prescribed officers” of a company. Governance issues should be in the forefront of every board meeting agenda and implemented by chairmen, directors (the entire board) and senior management.

This 1 day course with a “sitting member” of the King Committee will inter alia explore the key governance issues facing companies today, how the King III Report is currently being interpreted and implemented in relation to current legislation and how companies can implement a sound, robust corporate governance strategy to ensure they are adequately prepared for the future landscape.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Examining current corporate governance principles and how to apply them in practice
• Looking at a summary of King III - and its effect on you as a director and a company
• Understanding day-to-day governance roles and responsibilities of boards and directors
• Applying solid risk management and internal controls
• Applying the New Companies Act in respect of your role as a director/senior manager
• Understanding the “Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa” (CRISA) and its impact
• Examining the challenges, trends and future thinking of corporate governance


JHB: 15 Apr 2015


1 Day


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