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Our ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programme provides the framework, techniques and processes to enhance individual understanding and management of one’s own and others’ behaviours, thoughts and emotions. It instils the skills and confidence to experience life and its many challenges from a more conscious and insightful perspective.

Personal Mastery and EQ are critical to getting things done, with people and through people, in all organisational sectors. Matrix structures, outsourcing and globalisation are all factors that increase dependencies, which of course demand greater co-operation, improved relationships and better communication. Personal Mastery and EQ is the ability to manage oneself appropriately and proactively in all circumstances. It is about being proficient in relating to others in meaningful ways and being able to capitalise on relationships by enhancing motivation, inspiration, collaboration and influence.

Characteristics of a Leader-Manager with high Personal Mastery and EQ:
• High EQ functioning individuals carry a natural optimism that radiates … and this inspires others;
• They make challenging situations seem surmountable, and empower those around them by encouraging them to strive for greater heights;
• They find meaning in what they do, and communicate commitment not only through their words, but also through their actions;
• They are 'Vitally AUTHENTIC', in that there is a congruency between their communication, behaviour and actions – they are who they present themselves to be.

The difference in our approach to enhancing your Personal Mastery and EQ
Maurice Kerrigan has delivered Personal Mastery and EQ development programmes for over 10 years. Our ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programme requires delegates to engage in honest introspection and to open their mind to new, revitalised, and focused modes of thinking and being. After completing our comprehensive online EQ and Vital AUTHENTICITY assessments, prior to attending the programme, we facilitate a journey of self-discovery and personal mastery for all delegates as they achieve enhanced self-awareness and fulfilment of their potential.

This programme is unit standard aligned: NQF Level 5, Credits 12.


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3 day programme: 2 consecutive days followed by 1 day a week later.


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