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Significant Secretary, Powerful PA

Secretaries and Personal Assistants perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to ensure the smooth running of an organisation. This two-day course will enable delegates to handle their varied responsibilities in an efficient manner. It will explain the key role and responsibilities of a secretary/PA, how to better manage their time, organise their office space and how to deal with different and difficult people.

Who should attend?

>Personal Assistants
>Executive Assistants
>Project Assistants
>Administrative Assistants

Workshop Outline:
The Challenging Role of a Professional Executive Assistant/PA

>Identify the key role and responsibilities of a secretary/PA
>Focus on how the role has evolved and why it is such a key role in any organisation
>Learn the key management skills secretaries need to deal with all internal and external stakeholders
>The power of the first impression
>Modern telephone management skills
>Positive scripting and ownership of conversations
>Analysis of the PA’s behavioural style and communication strengths
>Professional communication strategies
>Communication upwards and downwards with empathy

Assuming a Leadership Role While Performing a Supportive Function

>Modern business writing skills
>Planning and executing professional meetings
>Practical agenda setting and minutes – taking guidelines
>Time management and self management strategies
>Effective workstation management
>Managing hospitality

Building Relationship with Colleagues and Customers

>Practical assertiveness skills to deal with difficult situations
>Conflict management
>The dynamics of cultural diversity
>Dealing with change and transformation
>Managing stress and energy to ensure balance
>Breaking old patterns and developing new mindsets
>Dress for success


In-house training:
Any date convenient for client

Public training:
>11, 12 September 2012
>7, 8 November 2012


Two days


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