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South Africa

R 6900.00

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This 5-day course offers an opportunity to gain a deeper working understanding of Art Therapy with various client groups.

NO art skill is necessary in order to participate in the course.

Target Audience: The Art Therapy Basic Training course aims at introducing you to the internationally developed Art Therapy practice. The course is targeted at adults (professionals, mental health practitioners, therapists, social workers, educators and artists) who are interested in and want to learn about Art Therapy.

The skills and experiences gained by participants can be adapted to and incorporated in many work spheres.


Johannesburg: (Every Monday for 5 weeks)
Mon: 15 August 2011
Mon: 22 August 2011
Mon: 29 August 2011
Mon: 5 September 2011
Mon: 12 September 2011
9am - 4:30pm

Contact us for the Training Dates for Cape Town.


5 Days

(Every Monday for 5 weeks)


Medical Aid: Course fees may be claimed back after the sessions.

Bookings: Secured by a completed application form and R2000 deposit.

Groups: Space is limited to 10 people per course so book early to avoid disappointment.

This workshop may be facilitated for Corporate teams, Organisations and Groups on request.

This course is also scheduled for Cape Town. Price R7260.00

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* Building Teams Building Creativity

* Corporate Team Building Workshops

* Absolute NO Art Experience is Needed!


Johannesburg, South Africa


Study Road, Glenhazel

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