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If you use email as a component of your marketing or CRM, in a small business, large corporation, or service agency, this course is a must!
Direct marketing to an opt-in email list still gives you the best ROI of any digital activity. But email is fraught with complications that most users are simply unaware of.
What you send is rarely what arrives, if it arrives at all.

This course helps you to put together email strategies that work, and shows you how to maximise delivery, open rates, click-throughs and conversion.

You’ll learn how the CPA and POPI impact spam, and how following best practices in international email marketing can improve your success. You’ll learn about the tools and techniques that can cost-effectively manage your lists, save you time and improve your results.

Some of what will be covered:
• The best ROI of any digital activity
• Email strategies that work
• Maximise delivery
• Increase open rates
• Improve click-throughs
• Increase conversion
• CPA, POPI and spam
• Best practices in email marketing
• Manage your lists
• Tools and techniques

The course is led by Godfrey Parkin, a digital strategist, e-marketer, author, USB-ED faculty member and international internet business veteran, who has advised some of the world's largest corporations. Godfrey’s primary expertise is in creating and implementing business strategies that build profitable relationships with the online consumer.

Participant Feedback:
‘To understand the inherent value of doing email right. The mindspark that flows from this excited the people around me to discuss and innovate.’ C. Green
‘One of the most informative & interesting courses I have attended .Brilliantly presented by an extremely knowledgeable & current presenter. The course is perfectly suited to my current work environment.’ I. Coulson
‘Colleagues in my sector are more or less at a similar point with reforming their communication strategies. The course really brings to light the errors we were committing. It also highlights the value of outsourcing vs in house & not drawing the most from campaigns. In the NGO sector we tend to try and spread ourselves too thinly by trying to save money doing stuff ourselves. In the end the numerous activities we undertake are not as effective as we would like it to be than if we applied it properly to begin with.’ J. Sands
‘Well structured - Concise - Objectives met - thoroughly presented - phenomenal industry knowledge - handy tips.’ J. Rees
‘Demystifies a process normally perceived to be simple and places many red flags and checks in place to conduct the process in a professional and result-driven way.’ J. van Rooyen

‘Eye opener and extremely informative. Thank you for giving ideas of what we can do, in the companies we're with at present.’ M. Compton
’Highlights the most important - yet frequently overlooked - aspects of email marketing. Provides easy-to-adopt tactics and applicable advice for successful campaigning.’ V.Kotze

Britefire (Pty) Ltd. (www.britefire.co.za)
A digital strategy and marketing firm. With innovation and international experience, we help companies excel worldwide in e-business, online marketing and digital project management. We offer consulting, development, implementation and training.
South African companies who have benefitted from our experience include:
Clicks, Orion Group, UNISA, SA Tourism, MWEB, FinWeek, McCann Worldgroup, Eskom, Jupiter Drawing Room, Makro, Media 24, Exclusive Books, City Sightseeing Cape Town, Ocean View House, Trudon, Mooiplaas Guesthouse, GCIS, Markham, University of Stellenbosch Business School, Struik and Standard Bank.
Globally, we've worked with a long list of organisations, including:
The BBC, AC Nielsen, Marriott Hotels International, American Express, Intel, Ford, Credit Suisse, Lockheed-Martin, Library of Congress, US Department of Defense, Nomura, Sasktel, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Cisco Systems, Kepner-Tregoe and American Honda.


8 Sep 2014 - Johannesburg
25 Aug 2014 - Cape Town
10 Nov 2014 - Johannesburg
24 Nov 2014 - Cape Town


1 day, 9am - 5pm


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