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Performance is everything. As a manager or a leader of managers, you need as many innovative approaches and skills as possible to ensure that you and your management team gain competitive advantage and stay ahead. Gone are the days of managing by decree, or focussing on exceptions, or being overly reliant on performance management – managers of managers need to be able to leverage superior performance.

Research shows that one of the single most important, performance enhancing activities any Leader-Manager can practise, is coaching.

Coaching is the key, the catalyst to achieving breakthrough performance through people. In the modern world of work, coaching should occupy 25 – 30% of a junior manager’s time and up to 50 – 60% of a senior manager’s time, in nearly every working day. By the end of our Coaching for Performance (level 2 and 3) programme, through immersion in use of different coaching tools and techniques and receiving personal coaching, you will be able to:

• Understand the history, origins, definition, concepts and full scope of coaching and mentoring;
• Know and understand your AUTHENTIC inner self;
• Understand the role of the senior Leader-Manager as coach and what coaching is and what it is not;
• Understand how to apply the MK Performance Framework™ and MK Intra-Interpersonal Model™ to the coaching context;
• Know how to use questioning to get subordinates to think and solve problems for themselves;
• Use a toolkit to coach subordinates in a wide variety of areas – performance, emotional intelligence (EQ), personal mastery, and self leadership;
• Learn how to appropriately use various coaching processes in a variety of coaching situations;
• Develop a practice and culture of coaching and mentoring in your work environment.

Our Coaching for Performance (level 2) programme provides the advanced skills-set, tools, action plan, philosophy and approach, as well as a comprehensive framework, that Leader-Managers need, to unleash the performance potential in both themselves and their people.


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