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Although most engineers and technical specialists, as part of their initial engineering studies, are taught how to design products and solutions, most are not taught the importance of higher system level design and the functional integration that is a prerequisite for a successful outcome. The Certificate in Systems Design focuses on three important aspects that need to be achieved to ensure a successful product. These include Systems Engineering Fundamentals that introduce delegates to the important processes and tools of systems engineering, Systems Architectures & Design that introduces the delegate to the more popular architecture frameworks such as Zachman and TOGAF and their use to systems designers. These two modules link well to the modules addressing requirements engineering (addressed by the Certificate in Requirements Engineering) while the last module in this focus area addresses the important theme of System Test & Evaluation. This is a key element in any product’s development as no amount of design can make up for poor or incomplete testing against specifications in a representative environment


7 - 16 September 2015


8 days


After successfully completing these three modules, delegates will be able to:

• Tailor a system engineering process to fit the specific needs of a project
• Define an appropriate systems architecture for the product, in accordance with best practice framework standards
• Define the requirements of testing and evaluation during both the development progress of the product as well as final
representative testing in an environment close to that which the product would experience during use by the client




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