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Course Description

Customer Oriented Selling™ (COS) is a philosophy, a process and a skill builder. The philosophy is simple, yet effective - focus on the customer and help the customer to make intelligent buying decisions!

No longer can salespeople enter a room, make a presentation and expect to win a sale. In today’s competitive landscape, sales professionals must be knowledgeable about their organization’s products and services, but most importantly they must focus on the customer — what the customer needs and wants. This requires salespeople to connect with their customers on multiple levels, to communicate and listen effectively and to always keep the customer’s goals in mind.
The COS™ process is complete! Account maintenance skills and pre-call planning; account strategy skills such as determining objectives and handling obstacles through application of the four phases of the sales cycle, to post-call planning - a process that creates positive action and commitment each step of the way!
To begin, learners examine customer situation factors to qualify prospects and uncover specific customer objectives, for building account strategies and customer-oriented product solutions. The skills of listening, observing, questioning, verifying and explaining are integrated and practised in a sophisticated model for organising ideas; building questioning strategies; processing responses and developing quality information.
Four different types of obstacles, along with the price objection, are handled. Specific strategies are then developed for each obstacle.
Customer Oriented Selling™ is the most comprehensive and flexible sales development tool available in the global marketplace today. COS teaches a consultative process for developing understanding and agreement between the customer and salespeople throughout the sales process. It provides a logical, non-manipulative approach that works; develops proven selling skills; and enables salespeople to be responsive consultants who assist customers to achieve their objectives.
In short, Customer-Oriented Selling™ results in more satisfied customers, more successful salespeople and better long-term business relationships. COS™ is for both new and experienced salespeople, sales managers, and marketing professionals.


Learners will be able to:
• Describe and target prospects and customers
• Identify situation factors that impact buying decisions and the objectives customers need
to achieve
• Develop a comprehensive customer profile
• Demonstrate and use key customer-focused communications skills to optimise the sales process
• Carry out pre-call planning and each of the
four customer-oriented call phases
• Develop a recommendation and support it
with an Objective-Benefit-Feature chart that meets the customer's objectives
• Identify and manage sales obstacles effectively
• Implement post-call planning
• Make each sales call a resource for the next
sales call


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 13 learners per group


3 days


Learners receive:
• A workbook containing readings
• a skill practice booklet and worksheets
for activities and practice exercises
• a customisable suspect profile template
• a customisable pre-call planning template
• a customisable customer profile template
• OBF chart templates
• a memory jogger card

Certification: A certificate of attendance on completion of the programme


Nationally as required by clients


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 13 learners per group

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