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When writing a report the main objective is to inform. What is required is a document that provides targeted readers with status or progress information, a new perspective, or an opinion. In addition to the need to effectively structure content and adroitly harness the power of language, the report writer must be able to logically present research results and findings.

Report Writing is a two-day, in-class, advanced programme that develops the competency to produce well-structured, clear business reports that logically present findings and facts with impact.

The programme ensures that delegates consider the following crucial points that will make their reports more effective:
• Why you are writing the report;
• Who will read the report – this decides the level of technical information that is to be included;
• Exactly what information to include in your report to ensure that the reader gains from it;
• What are facts and what are opinions.

Your senior communicators will broaden and sharpen their writing skills to tackle a broad spectrum of writing tasks confidently, clearly and concisely for maximum impact, persuasion, influence and response.

This programme is unit standard aligned: NQF Level 5, Credits 5.


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