Effective Communication and Listening Skills

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As employees, it is vitally important to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively, using a variety of tools and medium. You will need to develop and use this skill throughout your years of employment. But it is often said that most people do not possess the ability to present themselves of their ideas well, when all that is needed is training, coaching and practice. Communicating effectively is an essential skill necessary for the fast changing environment business and employees are finding themselves in.

This course is designed to provide delegates with the skills, knowledge, techniques and strategies to communicate effectively so that they can get their point across in a confident, clear manner, improving efficiency and productivity.

Who should attend?

>All employees up to supervisory level

Workshop Outline:

Effective communication skills

>What is communication and what is effective communication
>The communication process
>Non-Verbal, Oral, Written Communication
>Non-Verbal Behaviour for Effective >Communication
>Barriers to effective communication
>Active Listening
>Feedback and steps to provide feedback in difficult conversations
>E-mail etiquette rules
>Communication Tips

Coping with confrontation

>Coping with confrontation
>Managing anger in yourself and others
>Anger Management Tips

Transactional Analysis as a communication tool

>What is Transactional Analysis
>PAC Model of effective communication

RACI Model for improved communication

>RACI Model of delegation, role division and work sharing

How to employ EQ to be a better communicator

>What is Emotional Intelligence?
>Empathy vs. Sympathy vs. Pity
>Practical emphatic communication
>EQ Principles and Abilities in EQ
>What to do with your emotions
>Emotion coaching


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Two days


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