ERM002 - Advanced Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)

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The Advanced Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) training is designed to deliver advanced concepts in document and records management. Many organisations have embarked on implementing EDRMS systems, with varying degrees of success. This course is designed for records and IT staff that have implemented or are in the process of implementing systems, and are seeking to extract the most value from these systems for their organisations. Attendees should have a solid understanding of records management and EDRMS fundamentals.

Duration: 3 Days

Course Fees: R7,950.00 excluding VAT.

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The course will achieve the following objectives:

Provide a consistent understanding as to what EDRMS and ECM systems are, and highlighting the differences between them

Position ECM and Knowledge Management in a cohesive framework

Provide a framework for developing a business case for implementing EDRMS or ECM systems

Provide generic (non-vendor-specific) EDRMS solution design methodologies

Provide detailed policy and procedures frameworks

Equip delegates to be able to create their own communications plan for the EDRMS/ECM implementation

Equip delegates to implement a trustworthy Imaging system

Show the differences and interrelationships between data and documents or records

Enable delegates to build metadata schema for their organisations

Equip delegates to understand and prepare for managing e-mail as a record

Establish an e-discovery framework

Conduct an analysis of work processes that generate or capture records

Establish a plan for digital preservation

Establish the necessary Governance structures.


Wednesday 24 June 2015 - Friday 26 June 2015 08:00am - 05:00pm
Wednesday 02 September 2015 - Friday 04 September 2015 08:00am - 05:00pm

Wednesday 21 October 2015 - Friday 23 October 2015 08:00am - 05:00pm

Wednesday 25 November 2015 - Friday 27 November 2015 08:00am - 05:00pm


3 Days


Review of EDRMS components and functionality
• Document Imaging
• Document Services
• Workflow
• Electronic management of physical records
• Enterprise report Management (Output management)
• Microforms
• Integration between Document and Records Management systems

Enterprise Content Management systems
• Web Content Management
• Digital Rights Management
• Digital Asset Management
• Business Process Management
• Electronic forms management
• E-mail archiving
• Databases and other systems containing records

Knowledge and Information management
• Understand how it all fits together
• Decide what your organization needs based on its real requirements
• The new organizational partnership (Records Management and IT)

Developing a strategy for EDRMS
• Developing a business case
• Gathering commitment, resources and funding
• Creating a roll out plan
• Programme and project management considerations

Solution design
• Non-technical specifications
• Roles and responsibilities
• Security Classification
• Permissions and access rights
• Architectural issues
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)

Detailed policy and procedure development
• Records management policies and procedures
• Information management policies and procedures that impact upon records management

Detailed communications management workshop
• Develop a communications plan for the ECM/records management programme

Document Imaging in Detail
• Implications
• Procedures and processes
• Quality issues

Data capture and document capture
• Implications
• Forms and character recognition
• Merging these two environments
• Data quality issues
• An evolutionary approach to integration

• Understanding metadata requirements
• Capture of metadata

E-mail rules
• Challenges specific to e-mail
• E-mail etiquette
• E-mail archiving

Information Security
• Policies
• Implications
• Action steps

Electronic Discovery
• Challenges with e-discovery
• Implications and action steps

Analyzing work processes that capture or manage records
• Aligning records management/ECM to corporate strategy
• Determining those processes which impact on record keeping
• Designing the classification system accordingly

Digital Preservation
• Detailed challenges of preservation
• Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS)
• International Developing a digital preservation strategy

Implementing Governance frameworks
• The steering committee
• Checks and balances
• Reviews and rework

Paul Mullon is the Founding Member of COR Concepts, an information management consultancy providing consulting and training services to Government and private sector organizations on all aspects of records and information management. Mr Mullon has been in the information management industry for over 27 years, having worked for a number of South African leading companies. During the last 20 years he has been involved in workflow, document and records management.

He has a B. Com (Hons),MBA. Mr Mullon is very involved in standards development for document management applications and records management at both South African and international levels. He is the Chairman of the South African Standards Technical Committee for Document Management Applications. He regularly attends international standards committee meetings as the head of the South African delegation. In 2005 he was appointed as the world-wide Convenor of an ISO working group developing standards for the Long Term Preservation of Electronic Records.

• Understand and Implement advanced principles of Electronic Document and Records Management
• Be equipped with the tools to implement new systems or streamline existing systems
• Understand potential for introducing new technologies in Document and Records Management
• Facilitate the move to Enterprise Content Management
• To ensure that your organization is Compliant

• Records staff with a solid grounding in IT and EDRMS principles
• IT or business unit staff who need to implement electronic document and records management systems
• This course is designed for records staff that have little or no experience with computers.
• It will be of particular value to organizations that plan to need to comply with records management regulations and standards.
• Organizations who are in the process of implementing Document and Records Management systems
• Organizations looking to extract value out of existing systems
• All organizations (public and private sector)

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