ERM003 - Hands-on Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)

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Course Description

The Hands-on Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) training is the first of its kind in Southern Africa. This programme is completely hands-on and is designed to give delegates real experience in working with electronic documents and records. Using Microsoft Sharepoint as a platform, users are taught the basics, and then build a system from scratch. Note, this is not purely for IT specialists, as it is designed to be end-user focused. Delegates will learn how to perform document preparation, scanning and indexing using a production scanning hardware and software system. Electronic (born-digital) documents will be created from templates, using best practices in document control and Microsoft Word properties. Workflows will be created and run, with users taking part as document authors, creators, approvers and publishers. This is a must-do course, and delegates will feel much more comfortable when implementing back at the office.

The course will achieve the following objectives:

* This programme is designed to equip delegates with the hands-on skills necessary to understand, plan for and implement an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS).

* The course uses Microsoft Sharepoint as the platform, but is designed to teach electronic document and records management implementation issues in a manner which applies to any system. It is product-neutral and highlights the typical activities one would expect in a live environment.

* Users will be able to create templates, documents, workflows, records, and simulate working with real documents, including a live scanning environment.

• What is electronic document and records management
• Scanning and imaging
• Document management
• Document Control
• Check in and check out)
• Version control
• Document Co-authoring
• Electronic signatures
• Templates
• Records management
• Metadata
• Workflow
• Forms design and management
• Output management
• Case management
• Publishing: Intranets and portals

Libraries and repositories
• Content types
• Things to consider
• Sites
• Document sites
• Record sites
• Meeting sites
• My sites
• Reports
• Navigation

Users and Permissions
• Permissions and access control
• Creating new users

Document and record types
• Document identification and types
• Index fields and metadata
• Tags

Scanning and imaging
• Document preparation
• Batches
• Document types
• Index fields
• Use of bar codes
• Automated indexing:
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
• Searchable pdfs
• Image management
• Indexing
• Quality control

Search and retrieval
• Understanding search
• Finding and retrieving documents
• Storing, saving and creation of versions

Document management
• Creating a template
• Use of Microsoft Word Properties and Quick parts
• Using Word effectively for document control
• Managing changes and document comparisons
• Commenting
• Version control
• Check in and out
• Document co-authoring
• Publishing
• Document sets

Electronic signatures
• Different types
• Scanning and adding signatures
• Getting and using a third party signature

Forms management
• Components of a form
• Creating forms
• Publishing forms to a library
• Using forms in a workflow

• Types of workflows
• Creating a workflow
• Starting workflows
• Using templates in a workflow
• Participating in workflows
• Tasks
• Document approval using workflows

Records management
• Creating and using Retention policies
• File plan and business classification schemes
• Archiving
• Declaration of records
• Manually
• Via workflow
• Migration to other locations, repository, record library or archive
• Disposals
• Physical records
• Hybrid records
• Records metadata

Output management
• Publishing output from other systems to the document repository
• Searching and retrieving these documents

Case management
• Managing different document types about a specific person or case
• Using search and metadata
• Search sites
• Saved searches
• Using tags
• Managing Human resource files as case files using document sets
• Managing procurement (Supply chain) documents

• Create a publishing process
• Publishing Policies and procedures
• Approval processes for publishing
• Intranet – viewing policies


Monday 15 June 2015 - Friday 19 June 2015 08:00am - 04:00pm




Paul Mullon is the Founding Member of COR Concepts, an information management consultancy providing consulting and training services to Government and private sector organisations on all aspects of records and information management. Mr Mullon has been in the information management industry for over 27 years, having worked for a number of South African leading companies. During the last 20 years he has been involved in workflow, document and records management.

He has a B. Com (Hons),MBA. Mr Mullon is very involved in standards development for document management applications and records management at both South African and international levels. He is the Chairman of the South African Standards Technical Committee for Document Management Applications. He regularly attends international standards committee meetings as the head of the South African delegation. In 2005 he was appointed as the world-wide Convenor of an ISO working group developing standards for the Long Term Preservation of Electronic Records.

Isaac Kolawole (HND, MCP, MCITP,MCTs, MCT)

Isaac is an expert in various Microsoft infrastructure and platforms with over 15 years in the ICT environment, having worked in various Multinational company in South Africa. He has also trained multinational firm across Africa on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform. Isaac is also involved in consulting and implementation of different Microsoft Technology from analysis to implementation especially on Records and Document Management, and is a member of SharePoint information worker South African Chapter.

Isaac is a Microsoft Certified Trainer which qualifies him to facilitate Microsoft courseware for Microsoft learning solution partners in South Africa.



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