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This course is based on the principles of the PMBOKĀ® Guide and aims to introduce new project managers to the best practices to be followed when managing projects. This course is intended for project practitioners with medium project management experience eager to learn more on how to manage projects more effectively or experience project practitioners that need to refresh their project management knowledge.




3 to 5 day courses - see


1. Introduction and definitions (terms and definitions, project life cycles, portfolios, programs, projects, etc.)
2. Project Selection (project needs, objectives, requirements, etc.)
3. Project Stakeholders (project sponsor, project manager & other stakeholders)
4. Project initiation.( project statement of work, business case, project charter, etc.)
5. Project Planning
Estimating Techniques (analogous, parametric, bottom-up, three-point, etc.)
Project Scope Planning (scope & requirements management plans, requirements documentation, SOW, WBS, etc)
Project Time Planning (schedule management plan, defining & sequencing activities, estimating, network & schedule, etc.)
Project Cost Planning (cost management plan, estimating, budget, etc.)
Project Quality Planning (quality management plan, standards, metrics, checklists, etc.)
Project HR Planning (HR management plan, organization charts, role and responsibility descriptions, RAM, etc.)
Project Communications Planning (communications management plan, requirements, technology, etc.)
Project Risk Management Planning (risk appetite, tolerance, threshold, management plan, identification, analysis, prioritization, etc.)
Project Procurement Planning (procurement management plan, source selection criteria, procurement documents, etc.)
Project Stakeholder Management Planning (stakeholder management plan, stakeholder engagement assessment matrix, etc.)
The Project Management Plan (baselines, management plans, tailoring, etc.)
6. Project Execution (acquire project team, develop the project team, manage project work, etc.)
7. Monitoring and Control (tracking progress, determining variances, corrective actions, etc.)
8. Project or phase Close-out ( contractual close-out, procurement audits, administrative close-out, etc.)





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