How to Manage Online Work Teams?

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Course Description

This course will allow you to be familiar with important information needed for online work team management.

This enables you to determine:
 Characteristics of online teams in general
 Various work dynamics.
 Different options for virtual organization and connection.
 Suggestions in channeling efforts of a virtual team towards a common goals.

You will be able to identify:

 Real-life, practical strategies for managing online work teams in an effective, positive way and getting the best outcomes on projects and team comfort level.
 Motivational and useful tools in developing the skills of your virtual team.
 Resources you can utilize in dealing with new methods of virtual connection.
 The opportunities and advantages of virtual working, mobilizing the full resource presented by this new work and people connecting modality, and acquiring the most out of this innovative system for organizing work teams.

You will be aware of:

 The full resource and potential that virtual relations hold for transforming how we correspond and interacts, and as an exceptional work option that will allow your organization to save time, money and energy.
 The most common faced challenges in this work mode. You may also come by creative alternatives and practical advice on meeting these types of challenges, and turning hurdles into resources in the virtual work process.
• Objectives:

o Orient new-comers with the virtual working world and its dynamic.
o Get to know the challenges and advantages of working remotely or in a virtual settings
o Provide important tools for managing people who do their work remotely or virtual settings
• Benefits:

o Learn practical, effective strategies for managing online work teams.
o Discover what extensive advantages virtual teams can offer, and why this type of work setting is a great option for your company.

• Perfect for:

o People inclined in working with virtual or remote teams. Those who wish to familiarize themselves with this new method of work. Anyone in need of basic information on the operation of virtual and remote work teams, particularly the work dynamics of working in a virtual settings

• Programme:

o Introduction.
o Objectives.
o In what circumstances are remote or virtual teams a good option?
o Differences between a group of workers and a team
o Defining characteristics of virtual and remote teams.
o Modern way to socialize, interact and work.
o The virtual relations and virtual office
o Advantages.
o Obstacles.
o Activity "The Puzzle."
o Important tools.



3 hours




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