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If you ever wondered how some people can communicate ‘loud and clear’ by saying almost nothing Influential Business Communications is the programme you won’t want to miss. Relationships require effective communication skills to build trust and loyalty and which in turn positively contribute to, and enhance competitive advantage.

In two days you will explore various communication techniques and processes starting with the communication framework and communication filter, and then moving on to the tools of communication. Learn how to properly plan for communication by plotting your subject’s personality profile and determining what his/her ego status is at the moment of communication.

Our Influential Business Communication programme is founded and designed on the following three principles and philosophies:
• Effective communication flows from the inside out;
• The most powerful learning is experiential and practical; and
• Every individual has their own unique communication strengths and weaknesses, therefore individual coaching must be an integral part of the learning process.

Whether you are trying to influence an employee to perform, a client to buy, or a project team to take specific and coordinated action, our Influential Business Communication programme equips you with powerful skills of influence. Skills that are essential in the modern world of work and in our every day lives.

Through our Influential Business Communication programme, we have helped thousands of leaders, sales people and consultants improve their ability to persuade and influence others.

This programme is unit standard aligned: NQF Level 4, Credits 10.


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