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One of the greatest inhibitors of personal productivity is unmanaged stress. In South Africa environmental stress factors are exceptionally high, making it essential for organisations and individuals to learn to manage stress effectively. Managing stress reduces time away from work; staff turnover; errors and accidents in the workplace. It enhances job satisfaction and increases productivity.
Manage Your Stress, defines stress; highlights its effects on people; details instructions for coping with it, and reveals how stress can be put to positive use.
The topics addressed include:
• Understanding stress in stages
• Sources of stress
• Symptoms of stress
• Reactive coping mechanisms
• Guidelines for lifestyle change
• Proactive and productive coping mechanisms
• Stress inoculation
• Personal action planning
The ultimate objective of the workshop is self-awareness and self-regulation: a continuing, open-minded commitment to a programme of self-monitoring, so that people recognise and deal with stressors proactively.


Learners will be able to:
• Recognise stress in stages
• Identify sources of stress
• Identify and understand different symptoms of stress
• Recognise and minimise the use of reactive/syntoxic coping mechanisms
• Demonstrate and use proactive/catatoxic stress management techniques, such as autogenic training, meditation, visualisation and self-talk
• Understand and use proactive stress management techniques
• Plan how to manage different types of stress proactively and effectively


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group


2 days


Certification: A Workwise certificate of attendance on completion of the programme.

Learners receive:
A workbook containing readings to develop concept awareness, understanding and skill competence; an audio-tape for post-workshop application.


Nationally as required by clients


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group

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