Managing Quality on Projects

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Managing quality on projects is the responsibility of the project manager whether it is the quality of the product or service provided by the project, the quality of the project management of the project or the quality of products or services procured from providers outside the project. This course addresses how to plan for quality on your project, how to ensure that you will be able to deliver the quality agreed and how to determine if you have actually delivered the quality as agreed. It also addresses the role of quality improvement on projects. These aspects incorporating lectures, discussions, and practical classroom exercises are addressed in this course. Based on the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition and the ISO standards.




2 days


01-The fundamentals of managing quality on projects:
Defining quality
What level of quality do we need?
Different quality standards
Quality management and the project life cycle
Cost of quality
The benefits of quality management on projects

02-How do we plan for quality?
The quality management plan
Inputs to Quality planning
Outputs from Quality planning

03-How do we make sure we can deliver quality (Quality Assurance)?
Inputs to Quality Assurance
Quality assurance tools
Outputs from Quality Assurance

04-How do we monitor that we are delivering quality (Quality Control)?
Control charts
Cause and effect Diagrams
Pareto charts
Flow charts
Check sheets
Scatter diagrams
Statistical sampling
Approved change request review
Inputs to Quality Control
Outputs from Quality Control

05-How do we improve the quality?
Define quality improvement
Basic steps in quality/process improvement
Benefits of quality/process improvement
Process Improvement plan





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