Mandala (Magic Circle) Workshop (half day course)

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South Africa

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Feeling rushed, stressed and needing 'time out'? This half-day course is a unique opportunity to actually BE creative, relax, unwind, play with art materials and have fun in a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental space. Images are created straight onto mounted canvas boards.

INDULGE YOURSELF! A rare gift in out fast paced lifestyle!

Target Audience:
Are you often doing for others? Your work, your family, your friends…? This course is then designed especially for you - you deserve some 'me' time!

Unique special adults coming together with a universal interest in creativity, spontaneity, self awareness, self growth, healing, and indulging your inner child!

Absolutely NO art skill is necessary in order to BENEFIT from the workshop.

What is a Mandala?
A Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sacred' or 'magic circle'. Psychologist CARL JUNG introduced Mandala's into Western thought. He noticed his patients often spontaneously created CIRCULAR DRAWINGS.

Jung also began drawing his own mandala's in 1916 and noticed that they somehow corresponded to his INNER SITUATION, FEELINGS, and THOUGHTS. Jung realized that these circular drawings were THERAPEUTIC, first to DRAW, then to LOOK AT.

Jung finally arrived at the conclusion that the SELF, the WHOLENESS of the PERSONALITY, is reflected in the Mandala. Mandala images emerge SPONTANEOUSLY as a sign of CHANGE or TRANSFORMATION and are also associated with a feeling of WHOLENESS, GROWTH, and BIRTH OF SOMETHING NEW.

Hence creating Mandala's are also a way of opening up to our INHERENT CREATIVITY, a particular quality EVERYONE has, and that is not only connected to our ability to draw and paint, but also to the capacity to CREATE our life moment after moment in JOY and FREEDOM.


Tuesday 8 August 2011 (National Womans Day)
Time: 9.30am - 12.00 pm


1/2 Day


Medical Aid: Workshop cost may be claimed from medical aid after the group

Groups: Space is limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

This workshop may be facilitated for Corporate teams, Organisations and Groups on request.

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* Absolute NO Art Experience is Needed!




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