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Course Description

Professional development is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. Of course, growth requires a destination, a planned route and checkpoints along the way. Performance Excellence Planning will get you there.
Participants in the Performance Excellence Planning workshop carefully select goals to direct their development and learn how to pursue the growth options most likely to carry them toward their goal. In addition, they learn how to design and implement an action plan to achieve their goal, realising that self-motivation is the key to success.
After participating in the Performance Excellence Planning workshop, learners will be able to prepare for changing work requirements and increase their job enthusiasm, effectiveness and productivity.
Overall excellence in a company depends wholly on the commitment of each and every team member to work “smarter”. By learning to take control of their lives and achieve excellence in everything they do, learners chart their own success and ensure the continued success of the organisation.


Learners will be able to:
• Recognise why professional development is vital to their success
• Describe methods for evaluating current competence
• Assess areas for personal and professional growth
• Evaluate and select goals
• Explain the importance of obtaining performance feedback from others about one's own performance
• Describe and select professional growth methods and activities
• Develop an action plan to achieve their potential and improve their performance
• Direct and monitor an action plan to achieve their goals
• Establish and actively participate in a support group
• Use appropriate techniques to sustain their motivation to achieve goals


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group


1 day


Unit Standard Alignment
SAQA US ID # 7873
Manage one's own development
Credits: 3
Certification: Certification with credit if assessment requirements are met.
Learners receive:
A workbook containing readings, selfassessments and activities; planning forms for skill application and a resource guide.


Nationally as required by clients


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group

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