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Course Description

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Module Description
BM-CBTO Orientation
IN-A01* Introduction to the Building Industry
IN-A02* Safety and Loss Control
IN-A03* Elementary First Aid
PL-A01 Interpret basic building drawings
BM-A05 Erect and dismantle scaffolding
PL-B01 Mark out and cut sheet metal
PL-B02 Mark out, rivet and solder sheet metal
PL-C01 Fit GMS gutters and rain water pipes
PL-C02 Fit PVC gutters and rain water pipes
PL-C03 Fit FC gutters and rain water pipes
PL-C04 Fabricate and fit GMS VP flashing
PL-C05 Fabricate and fit a lead VP flashing
PL-C06 Fabricate and fit copper VP flashing
PL-C07 Fabricate and fit GMS chimney flashing
PL-C08 Fabricate a box gutter with stop end, circular outlet and abutment flashing
PL-D01 Arc weld basic components
PL-D02 Gas weld and braze basic components
PL-D03 Cut, thread and assemble GMS pipe-work
PL-D04 Cut, bend and assemble copper pipe-work
PL-D05 Repairs and alterations to existing GMS pipe-work
PL-D06 Repairs and alterations to existing copper pipe-work
PL-E01 Install a combination geyser
PL-E02 Install a push-through geyser
PL-E03 Install a high-pressure geyser
PL-E04 Install an indirect system of CW supply (storage cistern)
PL-E05 Install underground CW reticulation
PL-E06 Fire fighting installation
PL-E07 Repairs to and maintenance of taps, valves and cocks
PL-E08 Repairs to HP mains
PL-F01 Recognition and installation of soil and waste systems
PL-F02 Install a sink
PL-F03 Install a wash basin
PL-F04 Install a bath
PL-F05 Install a bidet
PL-F06 Install a shower
PL-F07 Install a WC (pedestal)
PL-F08 Install a WC (wall hung)
PL-F09 Install a urinal (wall hung)
PL-F10 Install a urinal (stall)
PL-G01 Recognition of below-ground drainage systems
PL-G02 Set out and determine levels
PL-G03 Excavation and timbering of trenches
PL-G04 Install a below-ground drainage system
PL-G05 Build a manhole to benching height (brick)
PL-G06 Build a manhole to benching height (concrete ring)
PL-G07 Removal of blockages from and repairs to waste, soil and drain pipes

PL-E09 Install liquefied petroleum gas installations


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