Practical Self-Confidence and Assertiveness Skills

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Self-confidence and assertiveness skills are the pillars to personal success in a demanding and unforgiving business environment. Successful professionals in South Africa have all discovered the vast benefits of being assertive at work, and avoiding the traps of becoming too aggressive or submissive.

This practical 2 day course will highlight your current level of assertiveness and guide you through a number of practical exercises and case studies that will help you to boost your self-confidence and prepare you to implement your new-found assertiveness skills back in the workplace.

Take this opportunity to discover how small changes in the way you communicate will result in increased productivity, motivation and success.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Differentiating between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviours and their effects on your work
• Determining your level of assertiveness
• Applying assertiveness to improve professionalism
• Learning the dangers of passive-aggressive behaviour
• Employing proven 4-step plan to be more assertive at home and work – with practical exercises
• Handling a range of difficult business situations assertively without upsetting people in the process
• Understanding self-confidence and how it affects your interactions with others
• Using the 6 major techniques for improving confidence
• Maintaining emotional control especially under stress


JHB: 27-28 May 2015

CT: 28-29 Apr 2015

DBN: 23-24 Mar 2015


2 Days


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