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Course Description

Delivering a presentation can be a daunting, nervewracking experience, even for a regular presenter. Research shows that conducting presentations is at the top of the list of the ten most common adult fears!
What can you do to give learners at all levels confidence and ensure success? Producing & Presenting Polished Presentations provides the answer. From defining the presentation objective to post-presentation analysis, this workshop provides learners with the skills and techniques needed to deliver effective, engaging presentations.
The workshop is divided into three sections; Preparation, Delivery and Evaluation.
The first section, Preparation includes defining the purpose of the presentation, identifying the target audience, outlining the content requirements, selecting the best methodology and practice.
Delivery includes amongst others, rehearsal, dealing with anxiety, effective use of voice modulation, body language and non-verbal communication, personal presentation, facilitating participation and the application of visual aids to maximise impact and understanding. The final module, Evaluation deals with self evaluation and how to select and use evaluation tools appropriately.
Self-assessment tools, readings, exercises and skill practice activities enable the learners to master presentation skills with ease. After successful completion of this workshop, learners will be able to deliver presentations that achieve their objectives and prove to be an enjoyable experience for all.


Learners will be able to:
• Write presentation objectives that clearly describe what is to be achieved
• Develop an audience profile in order to ensure that content and delivery are appropriate
• Prepare presentation content that addresses relevant points in an arresting, compelling manner
• Design handouts and audio-visual aids to add variety and interest to presentations
• Deliver presentations confidently and naturally, relating to the audience in a direct, personable manner
• Facilitate audience participation efficiently and professionally
• Evaluate presentations in order to plan modifications and justify the presentation to others


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group


2 days


Unit Standard Alignment:
SAQA US ID: 242840
Make oral presentations

Credits: 4 Level: 2

Certification: Certification with credit if assessment requirements are met

Learners receive:
A workbook, containing readings, self-assessment exercises, skill practice activities and a multitude of hints and tips


Nationally as required by clients


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group

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