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Internal communication among virtual groups involves certain special aspects. As a result in the absence of face time, individuals are faced with several challenges within the sorts of communication. Currently, there are several tools that, though not a replacement of a physical contact but permits members of a virtual team to interact with each other.

This course will tackle the following topics in details:

- Bridging internal communication at all levels of the company
- Tools to utilize for virtual communication
- Bidirectional and Assertive communication
- Active participation and listening development

Internal communication is a key component which team needed to attain the following:

- Reach Goals
- Produce positive results
- Promotes team effort and synergy
- Symbiotic feedback
- Preserve common language and harmony among the team
- Encourages individuality and eagerness in the work environment


After completing the course, you are equipped with relevant tools necessary to promote internal communication in your team and be able to apply some strategies that you can put to use with communications in virtual settings.


Gain awareness in the challenges or hurdles that affects virtual team that might detrimental in upholding proper communications between the team. The knowledge acquired from this training will enable individuals to generate strategies that will help overcome these challenges and make internal communications to run smoothly.

Perfect for:
Team leaders and individuals who are keen in improving communication skills to achieve better working and interpersonal relations, improve teamwork, increase synergy, strengthen the process of generating feedbacks, promotes participation and develops active listening in virtual teams.



2 hours




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