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Company/Provider: The IH Johannesburg - Language Lab

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Course Description

Course content sample:

• Sound awareness
• Individual sounds (e.g. a / t / l)
• Dipthongs (e.g. sh / ch / dj)
• Minimal pairs (e.g. hair / hear)
• Stress
• Word stress (e.g. teleVIsion)
• Sentence stress (e.g. HOW can I HELP you?)
• Contrastive stress (e.g. No, it’s not the 25th, it’s the 26th)
• Connected speech
• Weak forms: (e.g Do you want to? / Dja wanna?)
• Segmentation: (Where to pause in a sentence)
• Linking and intrusive sounds (e.g.The West End / the wes tend)
• Intonation
• Sounding interested
• Giving apologies and sounding sincere
• Calming and reassuring clients
• Commonly mispronounced words in the South African context (economics, determine)

Limitations of the course

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee that at the end of this course, all participants will have perfect English pronunciation. There are many factors which will affect the outcome of the course, including:

•The motivation and participation of the candidates on the course – or their willingness to improve.
•The extra practice the candidates do outside of class time in
•The exposure the candidates have to listening to English in native speaker environments outside of the course.


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