The Art and Practise of Selling Yourself

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The Art & Practice of Selling Yourself as a Coach For Coaches who deserve more clients.

Who is this workshop for?

Primary Target Market: Coaches Secondary Target Market: Mentors and other people developers.

Coaching has been rated as the second fastest growing profession in the world. Sadly, as increasingly more people undertake coaching training and attempt the transition into their own practices, many are finding the shift into entrepreneurship both foreign and challenging. Without a clear guide on how and where to find their ideal clients, how to promote themselves and how to authentically market their services, coaches can quickly become disillusioned. This workshop is aimed at qualified coaches and people developers who are serious about succeeding in this competitive industry. They want to establish a coaching brand and presence and put into motion the Art and Practice of Selling themselves as coaches.

What is the workshop content?  Coaching Charisma: Defining your personal coaching brand  Defining your Target Market and Niche  Authentic Selling: Selling without really selling  Networking: clients via social media, alliances and collaborations  Developing a long-term marketing strategy.

What is the structure, format and duration?

This is an experiential learning process comprising a combination of lecture, reflective exercise and group shared discussions.

A workbook plus numerous ready-to-use templates are provided.



1 full day workshop - Starts 9am, Ends 4:30pm There are 2 x 20-minute tea breaks and one 45-minute lunch break per day.


Cost including VAT, Lunch and Workbook.

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