The Art of Project Management

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Course Description

Welcome to the new world of management and work. The "project manager" and "network manager" are the star players of tomorrow! Project management training skills are increasingly important because organisations are re-engineering their internal processes and eliminating, automating or outsourcing routine tasks.
Also, most of us will be spending more of our time doing non-routine, project-oriented work and in order to ensure our future competitiveness, we must satisfy our customers better, faster and more cost-effectively than in the past. Unfortunately, many team leaders and managers are not properly prepared to lead project teams. As a result deadlines, budgets, and deliverables are at risk.
The Art of Project Management provides the structure, process, and tools necessary to master the art and science of project management. The programme identifies the critical phases every project must go through to ensure project control, progress and success.
The workshop includes the following:
• An introduction to Project Management
• Project Initiation
• Project Planning: goal setting and scoping
• Project Planning: work breakdown structure & resource planning
• Project Scheduling: identifying & managing risks & opportunities
• Project Execution
• Project Closure
The Art of Project Management enables team leaders and managers to identify and work with the key variables that impact how projects are defined, planned and implemented. The programme also focuses on the interpersonal skills needed to win and maintain the commitment, enthusiasm and support of the project team.


Learners will be able to:
• Understand the four phases that every project goes through
• Assess the probable impact of a project on business goals
• Determine the roles, tasks and activities needed to complete any project
• Ask the right questions in each phase of a project
• Use appropriate tools to track project progress and update stakeholders
• Motivate project team members to maintain their commitment and support
• Manage the initiation, scoping, planning, scheduling, execution and evaluation of a project


As required by clients for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group


3 days


Unit Standard Alignment:
SAQA US ID # 120373 - Credits: 9
Contribute to project initiation, scope definition and scope change control
SAQA US ID # 120384 - Credits: 8
Develop a simple schedule to facilitate effective project execution
SAQA US ID # 120374 - Credits: 5
Contribute to the management of project risk within own field of expertise
SAQA US ID # 120385 - Credits: 7
Apply a range of project management tools & techniques
Certification: Certification with credit if assessment requirements are met
Learners receive:
A workbook containing readings, activities and case studies to develop concept awareness, understanding and skill competence; project templates and project application aids and a laminated memory jogger card


Nationally as required by clients


At client's own training venue for groups of 6 - 15 learners per group

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