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Welcome to a ....DIFFEWhere do you get your best ideas? Research by creative thinking specialists have found that the optimal environment for brainstorming and productive thinking is a well-designed creative space that is flexible enough to modify when needed and one which can increase motivation, facilitate communication, expand interest in creativity and foster innovation.

Typical conference venues are not built to encourage and facilitate creative thinking; instead they promote a clean-cut type of thinking, with conference rooms that stifle any creative thought. aHa! is different (antithesis) to a typical conference venue. This venue is unique, different, vibrant, and anything but boring – rather it is extraordinary. So that, your thinking too can be extraordinary :) !

This unique conference venue is a key driver in fostering innovation in South Africa, and it’s not just a venue but is a network for collaboration of innovation and creative thought for a forward moving country that is rich not only in cultural diversity, but rich in thinking styles too.
We do onsite and offsite training as well: Popcorn Creativity, Innovation Teams, Lemon Leadership, EQ, Goal Mapping, Facilitation 101, Facilitating Strategy, Facilitating Ideation sessions, soft skills training

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Lynn Vermaak (Chief Imaginations Officer)

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083 288 2032

Plot 121, Plaas Rietfontein, Donkerhoek, east of Pretoria
South Africa

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